This is a blog about enjoying wine. It is not about the taste, smell and quality of the wine – there are a lot of sites with far better palettes than mine. But this is about the experience of wine tasting. It is about the atmosphere – the friendships – where you would send your best friend to go wine tasting.

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  1. I love this idea because it is the experience of the location and the friends you go with. I spent my last bithday at a winery with all my girlfriends and we have great memories of that night.

  2. Are you confining your comments to a given geographic area (my impression)? If so, what kinds of grapes can they grown were you have been talking about?
    I know more about Brandy and Tequila, and the only wine I like is white Zinfandel. Do they have the grapes for making “that kind of wine”.

    • No – we have traveled all over the world tasting wine. We loved the experience of riding a train through the cava cellars at Freixenet in Spain; having a woman in a bikini get up from sunbathing at her pool to have us taste their wine at a tiny winery in Tuscany and enjoying Chilean wine in Brazil. I want to talk about it all, but I have just gotten started.

      Also most places grow Zinfandel grapes which makes the kind of wine you like.

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