Chateau Ste Michelle’s Druthers

I had the opportunity to attend the Chateau Ste Michelle members release last week (Thank you Steve). I  am big fan  of the Chateau Ste Michelle concert series, but have not tasted their wines recently. The winery is gorgeous and they have a wonderful tour. Whenever we have wine tasting newbies with us we always suggest a visit to  Chateau Ste Michelle . This event was low-key and fun.  We also tasted some very yummy reds. The real stand out for me was Druthers 2008. A rich dense wine that I am sure can be cellared for a while and really mellow out. At $80 a bottle, it is a special occasion wine, but having a couple of bottles in the cellar makes sense.I was told that the name came from the winemaker saying if he had his “druthers” he would create this wine. I love that!

Speaking of cellars – ours is almost done. I have been banned from posting photos until it is 100% – but may sneak a couple anyway.

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